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Shadows: Hypnotease
Posted by Shadows: The Dark Side of Beauty on Saturday, September 19, 2015

Model Spotlight: Our friend and Sexy Queen of the Damned, current Miss. Apocalypse, and one of the crazy Cave Girls - Shotzi "Missy HighAsShit" Blackheart

Deliciously Demented, Funny and Fine, Real Deal Horror Honey, Up-n-coming Starlet. The Gore-Geous, Sexy, Scream Queen, and current Miss. Apocalypse - our friend and fellow Bay Area Beauty, Underground Wrestling's Missy HighAsShit, The one and only Cave Girl herself -- SHOTZI BLACKHEART --

Halloween Post 2: Interactive Insanity

Happy Halloween. A few more short-films, Interactive shit, halloween horror quizzes, trivia, gifs, pics, and some free scary online games.