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Shadows: The Dark Side of Beauty

Shadows Dark Side of Beauty

Dark Angels and Sexy Devils - We like a girl with a deep dark imagination. True Beauty has no definition, like true art, it is open to interpretation and two people can look at the same piece, but...

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Anything Weird, Strange, Odd, Bizarre, Unknown, Unsolved.. Crazy Crime, Cannibals, Killers.. Occult, Secret Societies, Paranormal, UFOs, Cryptids.. Dark Art, Horror, Pics, Gifs, Videos, Short-Films, Music, Deep Web.. Articles, Flipboard Magazines, Blogs Pages.. Sexy Girls, Inked, Gothic, Rockabilly, CosPlay, Alt. Models...

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Smokin' - Girls With Guns

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After leading "The 13th Floor Elevators" Roky Erickson was committed to the Rusk State Mental Hospital in Rusk, TX for three years. Although forced into electroconvulsive shock treatment he continued to write, turning out more awesome music. - -